The best SEO resources online offer not only tools for tracking and optimizing SEO for websites, but also news, tutorials, trainings and communities for ongoing support. With options ranging from free accounts to a variety of paid subscriptions, these sites provide resources and information on the SEO industry, search marketing and SEO theory for internet marketers, web entrepreneurs and business owners. 


SEOmoz states that it hosts the web’s strongest SEO community. Offering the industry’s leading SEO software, SEOmoz allows a free trial of its services for 30 days, with full access to its tools and services starting at $99 monthly after that. SEOmoz tools include a web app which crawls sites weekly, monitoring rankings and competition and offering recommendations for improvement. SEOmoz provides extensive support and learning opportunities as well, with a searchable Q&A Database backed up by a team of experts responding to inquiries within 3 days, and an ongoing webinar series on topics such as link building, SEO tactics and rankings for new and experienced webmasters. In addition to these services, the site also offers blogs and a community page for questions and discussion. 

Search Engine Land

SearchEngineLand focuses on providing information and resources on a variety of SEO topics, from beginner to advanced. Calling itself the industry’s leading online publication, SearchEngineLand’s resources include a library, numerous newsletters and RSS feeds on a variety of SEO topics. Led by SEO authorities Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, the site sponsors marketing events, workshops and webinars as well as hosting a variety of bloggers and guest experts on SEO strategies and tools. SearchEngineLand makes its basic services available to everyone through a free membership, but a paid membership package also offers access to all features for $199 monthly. 

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal monitors the SEO industry, offering current news, information and advice from a variety of experts. Launched in 2003, Search Engine Journal aims to help companies improve marketing strategies and to support SEO specialists in their careers. With a focus on collaboration and community, Search Engine Journal includes pages devoted to social media, link building and other tools. The site also encourages contributions from specialists in relevant fields, focusing on step-by-step guides, tutorials and practical advice. With extensive experience in search engine marketing, web development and social media, Search Engine Journal’s founding editor and chief Loren Baker and managing editor Melissa Fach encourage collaboration and information sharing among internet marketers and entrepreneurs. 

Search Engine Roundtable

SE Roundtable collects and reports the most interesting threads in Search Engine Marketing forums. With contributing writers from a variety of specializations, SE Roundtable provides up to date information on SEO topics, internet marketing and website design and management. SE Roundtable offers email and RSS subscriptions as well as a mobile version of the site. SEO Roundtable includes pages devoted specifically to issues related to Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as other major SEO-related topics. The site also offers sponsorship opportunities for companies offering internet marketing services and information. 

Search Engine Guide

Search Engine Guide offers search marketing support and education for small businesses. The site provides tutorials, articles and newsletters on search engines, marketing, and social media with an extensive list of blog contributions from longtime specialists in SEO marketing and social media. Search Engine Guide carries articles on topics including link building, copywriting, mobile marketing and blogging from leading sites on SEO marketing, including Search Engine Watch and Google Analytics, and offers a weekly newsletter by subscription. Search Engine Guide’s editor, Jennifer Laycock, brings a background in internet marketing and training to the site, which aims to make the search marketing world accessible to small business owners. 

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch offers information on the SEO industry to help site owners improve their rankings in search engines. With pages devoted to topics such as analytics social media and mobile applications, Search Engine Watch includes newsletters, RSS feeds and articles, as well as information about events such as the SES Conference and Expo, a major search and social marketing event. Search Engine Watch also includes a jobs board and advice for those seeking a career in search engine marketing. With links to online education and webinars, the site also provides opportunities for learning about a variety of SEO and marketing topics. SEW invites contributions from writers familiar with the SEO industry, technology, social media and related subjects. 

SEO Book

SEOBook focuses on training and support. Including tutorials and training modules created by founder Aaron Wall and numerous SEO experts, SEOBook offers a complete SEO training program, blog and a suite of free tools including Rank Checker. SEOBook offers a free 7-day beginner’s course and paid training for $300 per month. SEOBook includes a private members’ forum, community support, a troubleshooter page and an extensive collection of knowledge base articles. The site provides live offline support as well as online options for resolving training related issues and questions. SEOBook’s training modules cover all aspects of the SEO industry, such as keyword research, monetizing, blogging and tracking results. 

SEO by the Sea

SEO By the Sea is a blog site offering information on search engines and their workings, as well as trends and changes in the SEO industry. Founder Bill Slawski offers consulting and internet marketing services through the site, which aims to help internet marketers and website owners gain visibility, credibility and rankings. With an extensive blogroll including SEO expert Matt Cutts, the SEOmoz blog and other SEO authorities, SEO By the Sea also offers resources on Internet Law by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and green living issues from organizations such as Greenpeace and the Nature Conservancy. 

Search News Central

Search News Central is “the source for the obsessed search geek,” with news, blogging and tool reviews on a number of SEO related topics. With a variety of articles on content writing, technology, and analytics, Search News Central provides a comprehensive overview of trends and information in the SEO industry. The site also offers news updates and feeds from numerous blogs, as well as links to numerous other sites such as SEO Dojo and SEO by the Sea. Site authors include SEO experts Terry Van Horne, Katherine Parsons and Garrett French and numerous others with expertise in SEO, internet marketing and the technical side of search marketing. 

SEO Theory

SEO Theory offers SEO theory with blog posts on a variety of SEO related topics, including algorithm analysis, SEO theory and other industry news. Written by Michael Martinez, a website operator and contributor to numerous SEO communities including SEOmoz, SEO Theory takes a more analytical and scientific approach to SEO strategies. SEO Theory devotes its pages to discussions of Search Engine theorems and principles, glossaries and applications of search engine theory. SEO Theory focuses on advanced concepts of SEO theory and its relationships to game theory and other theoretical frameworks. The site offers posts and links from leading SEO sites and contributors on a variety of theoretical topics. 

State of Search

StateofSearch focuses on current trends in social media and search marketing. Founded by Bas van den Beld and Lisa Myers, the site hosts a podcast on Webmasterradio and includes an extensive list of blogs by SEO experts such as Barry Adams, Nichola Stott and Sam Murray. Articles and posts available on StateofSearch cover topics including social media, basic SEO strategies, infographics and conversion analysis, as well as affiliate marketing. StateofSearch also offers an email newsletter and ebooks on SEO theory as well as reviews and lists of current SEO books. A Weekly Question encourages reader responses, and an Events page lists upcoming events in the SEO industry.