You’ve probably heard a few common phrases when it comes to advertising the less desirable attributes of property. Remember you’re trying to sell Beware of using these phrases

  • cosy – the rooms are so small that you feel like the walls are closing in on you
  • filled with character – the property was built after World War II to temporarily house returning veterans but was not designed for sustainable living. It’s now falling apart and requires a lot of maintenance and $ to meet modern living standards. It’s not old enough to be classified as heritage, but be prepared to add an extra “0” to your purchase price.


  • Location Location Location
  • deceased estate – the seller is often motivated to sell the property because of the grief. They can’t stand to bare the sight of their childhood home now that their parents are no longer with them. And a faster settlement will result in . Unless the seller is thinking in a clear head and then the intrinsic value of a place. Sentimental

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