Google My Business is one of the main ways that consumers find businesses online. It is a free service that is offered by Google to allow businesses to create local listings that provide information about their goods and services. Most businesses have already created a listing on the site, so you should do too if you have not already done so. Once a listing has been created, the key is to get a ranking within the top seven businesses in your niche. This means that you want your business to be one of the top seven that appear when people search for your type of business in their business. The ranking is vital because the top seven receive most of the traffic as most people neglect to look beyond them. In order to gain a high ranking, you must have a fully optimised listing that both Google and consumers like. Here is how you can optimise your Google My Business listing. 

Create a complete profile 

Creating a complete profile is the most important part of the process. Many businesses already have listings, but their listings are usually incomplete and missing vital information. A complete profile will include pictures, videos, and accurate contact information such as email, phone, fax, website, and physical address. Always update the contact information because the listing is no good if people cannot reach you due to inaccurate information. Pinpoint the exact location of your business and do not include a service area because it negates your score and it is very vague and confusing for consumers because it does not tell them exactly where you are located. Google will actually give a higher rank to businesses that offer pictures, descriptions, and hours on their profiles. This also makes customers see your business as more credible and legitimate. 

Get positive reviews 

Reviews are another aspect of a high ranking and optimised profile because people like to know what they can expect from the business. The problem is that most people do not usually report positive experiences that they have had with businesses and instead only leave reviews and feedback when they have had some sort of problem. If there are negative reviews on your page, then you can try to respond or resolve the issues, but otherwise you must displace the negative reviews by getting positive reviews to show up on the first page of your profile. Google does not allow businesses to coax people into leaving reviews by paying people or offering discounts to leave reviews and the like. If they find out that you have been doing that they will pull your listing. However, there are some subtle ways you can request that people leave positive reviews. It is perfectly fine to ask website visitors or followers from other sites like Twitter and Facebook to leave positive reviews. 

Use keywords 

Use the right keywords in your profile so that your profile will rank higher and attract more views. Keywords are just the words used to describe your goods and services, but they are the exact terms that people put into search engines. It is a good idea to strategically place keywords throughout your profile, but do not try to use too many because Google will mark it as spam and possibly pull your listing. The key is to use the most powerful keywords 2-3 times within the profile. 

Having a fully optimised Google My Business profile will draw more traffic to your website and possibly to your business if done properly. Include all relevant information about your business, include pictures, and keep all of your contact information up to date and that alone will go a long way. Add some positive reviews and strategically placed keywords to get the best results.